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Updated: 7-13-17
Dealer's Room Special Update:

To all potential Dealers: We appoligize for the the problem associated with sending in applications for the Dealer's Room. Due to unforseen circustances, our interm Director was not able to do the job that was needed. We have a new volunteer, David Bennet, who will now be our Director. He is currently working through emails and applications and will be in touch. David is a vetern Stone Hill member and has been around since the first Necronomicon. David can be reached at: dealersroom@stonehill.org. Please be patient as we work through the backlog. Thanks!

Updated: 6-7-17
Here are a whole bunch of program items you should be aware of. Enjoy!

  • Film Program
    Necronomicon is pleased to announce that we will once again host the 30 Day Monster Film Challenge. Details on how to enter will be available soon. This is for Florida film makers. The films will be shown Friday night at Necronomicon in the main event room.

    Saturday afternoon, in the main event room, And You Films will be showing "Bubba the Redneck Werewolf." There will be a panel after the film at which some of the people involved in making it will tell you how you too can make a film with a very low budget. The film was shot in Florida by Floridians.

    As part of our Saturday afternoon at the movies, we will be showing Robert Dodrill's DC fan film, "Terrible Toys" and the steampunk film by Christian Cashmir, "Skyship Chronicles."

  • Steampunk at Necronomicon
    What could go better with our time travel theme than Steampunk? Nothing we can think of. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the Tampa Bay Area Steampunk Society will host several panels on Steampunk, including one on costuming. They are also going to introduce Tea Dueling in the con suite on Saturday afternoon. In case you want to get a head start learning the rules of the game, here is an introduction to Tea Dueling. http://www.mookychick.co.uk/how-to/interesting-hobbies/steampunk-tea-duelling-rules.php

  • Book Group
    This is for fans of guest of honor Shanna Swendson's books. We will choose one of her novels for the group discussion and Shanna will join the group to answer questions about the novel.

  • Pajama Party
    Some of the you who've been with us for many years may remember that Ken Mitchroney used to host a pajama party at which he'd tell stories and draw cartoons to go with them. Well, we're bringing this event back for your late night pleasure on Saturday. So, once you have worn yourself out dancing at the Necronomi-prom, you can go get into your jammies and chill with Ken and friends.

  • Writing Workshop
    This is on Sunday morning from 11-1. It's for those who want to become writers or become better writers. Elle E. Ire, Robert Dixon, and E. Rose Sabin will read a sample of your work and give you suggestions on how you can improve it. The rules and exact format of the workshop will be posted closer to the convention. It will be limited to 12 writers.

  • Got Talent?
    Necronomicon's Got Talent will be on stage at 7:30 p.m. Friday. If you want to tell a joke, sing a song, do a lip sync, stand on your head and burp the alphabet, or something we haven't thought of, show off at NGT. Rules for entry will be available here and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/241733286263929/
  • Dealers Room
    If you are interested in being a dealer at Necronomicon, get the skinny at the Dealer Room page. If you have questions about the program or to suggest panel topics you'd like us to have, write to Ann Morris at guestliaison.necro@gmail.com Updated: 2-14-17
  • The Webpages are being update this week. If the pages look like this one, it's been upated. If the background is still the newsprint from last year, it has not been done yet. In the meantime, the Programing department has these news items:

    Once again, Cosplay Michael will be with us at Necronomicon. Look out for him in the halls and at the contest. He's become quite the star, even being invited to San Diego Comic Con as a panelist.
    You can find updated information on the Costume Contest on the Masquerade page.

    Our theme for the convention this year is Time Travel. You have plenty of time to cosplay to the theme if you choose. We look forward to seeing some awesome cosplays in the halls and in the contest on Saturday night.

    Hall costume awards will be given out during the day Saturday.

    The Milieux Workmanship Award will be given out Saturday night at the Masquerade. Lauren Podolak who is the owner of Milieux, the best costuming site on the web, will be choosing the recipient of this award.

    We love cosplay and costuming, so get out your garb and join in the fun.

    Necronomicon will be hosting a writers workshop on Sunday 11-1 p.m. We limit this to 12 participants who submit one page samples of their writing for our teaching panel to comment on. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Your sample will be read by one of our author panel.

    Sign up will begin closer to the convention. We will post here and on Facebook.

  • BUBBA THE REDNECK WEREWOLF (movie and panel)
    We will be showing "Bubba the Redneck Werewolf," a comedy (as if you couldn't guess) written and filmed by central Florida filmmakers. The creators will host a panel on making movies with a very low budget after the showing.

    We will once again be hosting the Monster Film Challenge. This time, it will happen on Friday night after the fan cabaret. Information on how to be involved will be posted here and on Facebook as we receive it from the folks in charge.

    That's all for now. Check back for late breaking headlines.

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