This is the History of Necronmicon. It began back in 1982, in the first few years of Stone Hill. We had put on a couple of 1 and 2 day conventions (Stone Hill Launch I & II, UniversiCon) and decided we were ready to move up to a big 3 day convention. We planned to have it in the Fall, and around Halloween seemed appropriate. With this in mind, the name of Necronomicon was put foward and accepted.

Each of the year links below will take you to a page for that year. There is a brief description of where, when and who as well as pictures of the T-shirt, badge and program book. There may be some picture of the convention also if we can find some from that far back.

You can also see all of the T-shirt designs in one place on our T-Shirt History Page.

1982 Andrew Offutt
Marv Wolfman
1983 Piers Anthony
Robert Adams
1984 Larry Niven
Andrè Norton
1985 Robert Bloch
Roger Zelazny
1986 Piers Anthony 1987 Frederik Pohl
Orson Scott Card
1988 Timothy Zahn
Alan Dean Foster
1989 George Alec Effinger
Tom Kidd
1990 Lawrence Watt Evans
Jack Haldeman
1991 Ron Goulart
Barbara Hambly
Piers Anthony
1992 James P. Hogan
Glen Cook
Ray Aldridge
1993 Peter David
Lois McMaster Bujold
1994 George R.R. Martin
Timothy Zahn
Brinke Stevens
1995 Ben Bova
Terry Prachett
1996 J. Micheal Straczynski
Brinke Stevens
1997 Kevin J. Anderson
Rebecca Moesta
Joe Green
1998 C.J. Cherryh
Jack C. Haldeman
Barbara Delaplace
1999 Joan D. Vinge
Jennifer Roberson
2000 James P. Hogan
Lynn Abbey
2001 Walter Jon Williams
Orson Scott Card
Timothy Zahn
2002 David Brin
Tim Powers
2003 Gahan Wilson
Steve Jackson
Ellisa Mitchell
2004 Spider Robinson
Jeanne Robinson
2005 Peter David
Lloyd Kaufman
George Lowe
2006 Vernor Vinge
Harry Turttledove
Kevin Grazier
2007 Alan M. Clark
Jack McDevitt
Owl Goingback
2008 Frederik Pohl
Julie Czerneda
Rick Wilber
2009 Patricia Briggs
Catherine Asaro
Richard Lee Byers
2010 David Gerrold
2011 Ben Bova
2013 Christopher Paolini
2014 Eric Flint
(flight Canceled,
returning in 2015)
2015 Eric Flint
Joe Haldaman
Timothy Zahn
2016 Steven Barnes
Steven Brust

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