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October 19th to 21st, 2018
To attend the convention, you must be a member.
Joining is simple and the cost depends on when you register.

3 day membership is $40

After the Oct 12th, and at the door:
   3 Day membership is $55
   Friday $25
   Saturday only, $30
   Sunday only, $20
   Any 2 days, $50

For Dealer's Room information:
If you are a Vendor who wants a table,
or you want to see what vendors will be there;
Visit the Dealer's Room page.

Reservation Information

Holiday Inn Tampa
Westshore - Airport Area
700 N Westshore Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 289-8200
You can make your reservation here by clicking on this link (once we get it in January 2018)

Currently, we are reviewing how we take payments for Membership, Dealers, Art Show, etc. This will be ready by February 2018. We do know that we will no longer be taking checks (It's the 21st Century afterall). Please check back here later for updates.

Due to problem we have had in the past, we are going to require that you agree to the rules of the convention when you register. You can download a PDF of the Rules Form here, and bring it with you. Copies will also be available at the Registration desk.
Current Members
If you have a membership for Necronomicon 2018, then you will find your name on the Members Page.
Volunteering to Help
Necronomicon is a completely volunteer-run convention. No one is payed anything to work at it. So we depend on a lot of Staff and Gophers to help out. If you would like to Volunteer, you should read The Volunteer page for info on how to help us run Necronomicon. You can also get your membership reimbursed if you work 10 hours.

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