Update 2-15-17:
Below are the major Events that WERE held at Necronomicon 2016. Updates for 2017 will be posted when we have them.

Here you will find descriptions, times and rooms of a lot of the standard events at Necronomicon. Plaase note the Workshops and Special Events sections added near the bottom.
( Please keep in mind that reality does not always match what you see on the phospher screen. Please double check at the convention for any changes.)

You can get a good idea of previous year's events by looking at our past program books, which can be found linked at the bottom of this page.

The annual Necronomi-Prom will be held Saturday, October 29th, following the costume contest. The theme for this year's prom is sticking with the Urban Legands theme of the convention.

Find out more details on the page we've made for the Necronomi-Prom!
Ygor Party Ghourmet Bheer Tasting
You know you love this event. If you haven't experienced it, you need to get yourself up to date. It's one of those parties that has a life of its own and there's just no explaining why it's so much fun but fun it is. Bheerologist Kendall F. Morris and Supreme Ygor Eric Carroll will oversee the festivities. The theme (now determined to be the permanent theme) is Ygor or Igor, whichever you prefer. So, don your best or worst lab assistant garb and join in the fun from 10 to midnight Friday in the Consuite.
Whether you want to strut your stuff in front of a friendly crowd or be a part of the friendly crowd, our masquerade is the place to be Saturday night at 8 p.m. in the Ballroom. Seating for the show begins at 7:30 p.m. Space is limited, so bring a book or e-device and come early to get a seat. For details on how to enter the masquerade, click on the link above.
Hall Costume Contest
Hall costume award ribbons will be given on Saturday throughout the day. If you are wearing a costume you want to wear in the costume contest, you are allowed to accept a hall costume award.
Trivia Contests
Do you have the details of novels read long ago, buried in your gray matter? Do the plots of TV shows from the '90s haunt your dreams? Then you may find an outlet for these bottled demons in the Trivia Contests. This year there will be four of them.
• Friday night at 10pm will be the return of Movie One-Liners. Audience members will ready pre-printed dialogue from movies and our panelists will try to answer them. Three rounds of competition will lead to the grand winner! • On Saturday, 3-5 pm. you will find the Main Trivia where up to 5 teams of 1-4 players will compete for gift certificates in a mad hybrid of Jeopardy & Ben Stein. Questions will cover books, TV, Movies, comics, games, and the dreaded Music! Sign up ahead of time at the Registration area
• Saturday night at 10 pm. we'll have the return of Fannish Name That Tune. Pit your musical knowledge against the melodic (but tough) samples played by Chris.
•If the Saturday Trivia is too tough for you, then come to Audobon C on Sunday at Noon for Remedial Trivia. It's just like the name sounds. Contestestants will be required to step over a very low bar in order to compete.
Art Show
Due to the loss of our vetern Art Show Director Stacy Lung, we are trying to streamline the Art Show for the new Director. So this year, there will not be bidding on the Art. All Artwork will be at a quick-sale price. We hope to return to our standard format next year. More information can be found on the Art Show pages

For information on exhibiting your art or other matters concerning the art show, send email to artshow@stonehill.org
Charity Raffle
Necronomicon is pleased to donate profits to our pet charity, Kids and Canines. We help generate profit each year by raffling something we think will bring joy to our attendees' hearts. The prize this year is a two night stay at our hotel for next year's con, The Grand Hyatt Causeway, membership for Necronomicon 2014 and your ticket to our official food function. We'll sell tickets from Friday when we open registration up through the judging break of the Saturday night masquerade. The winning ticket will be drawn prior to announcing the masquerade winners. You must be present for the drawing to win.
Filkers can participate in song sessions throughout the weekend. Friday afternoon, you can attend open filk from 2 to 4 p.m. and then welcome new filkers to the Strange Worlds Singalong. Filkmaster P.F. Bruns has gathered songs to well known tunes to lure unsuspecting fans to this fannish pursuit of song. The Strange Worlds Singalong will take place from 4-5 p.m. Friday. Lyrics will be provided. Once you are hooked, we'll still give you more for free at open filk starting at 11 p.m. both Friday and Saturday nights. Follow the title link for more information about Filking in general.
Autograph Sessions
Our Guests of Honor Steven Barnes and Steven Brust along Timothy Zahn will be signing autogrphs on Friday at 3pm in Audubon C; Saturday at 5pm in Author Alley; and during the Ice Cream Social at 2:30 in the Audubon Ballrom. If you can't attend an autograph session, it is all right to approach our guests at the end of panels on which they appear. Don't be shy. They like knowing they have fans who care enough to want books signed.
Below are links to Program books in PDF from past years. Enjoy!

Necronomicon 2003 Program Book    Necronomicon 2004 Program Book
Necronomicon 2005 Program Book    Necronomicon 2006 Program Book
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Necronomicon 2009 Program Book    Necronomicon 2010 Program Book

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