Special Event:
The Necronomi-Prom

Saturday, October 21, 2017,
following the Masquerade
Main Panel Room
Prom Theme:
"Time Traveler's Ball"
Anything from Anywhen

Raffle for Prom King, Prom Queen and Prom Other

If you can answer, "Yes," to any of these questions, the Necronomi-Prom is for you.

DJ Sean L Serdynski of SyFy Bartow will be sharing great tunes to move to and even if you are not a candidate for "So You Think You Can Dance," don't worry; the idea is just to have a good time.

Plus, you could be King or Queen of the Prom with a crown and copious applause. You know that in high school, only the in-crowd people ever get to prom royalty. It's different at the Necronomi-Prom. Everyone has the same chance to be chosen for one of the exalted positions of King & Queen. You even get to choose which one of those you'd prefer to be if selected.

While costumes or formal wear are not required to attend the Prom, we would so much like to see a lot of those clothing genre's at the Prom that we are going to be giving out our Hall Costume Awards there instead of giving them out during the day as we have done in the past. Formal wear that is especially innovative will be eligible for Hall Costume Awards.

So, get working on your attire, your dance moves and your kingly, queenly or otherly wave and join the Necronomicon cool kids at the Necronomi-Prom!

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