Filk: The Music of Science Fiction and Fantasy

If you are visiting this page in an obsessive-compulsive desire to learn everything about Necronomicon, then you may not know what "Filk" is. Filk comes from an ancient Fandom typo of Folk songs. Filk songs are parodies of real songs and originals too, all with a "fannish" bent. Necronomicon hosts several Filk events, and they will be listed on the grid schedule. For more about the events, keep reading.

The first time you encounter a filk circle, sometimes also called a bardic circle, you may feel a bit out of place. Don't worry. Everyone feels this way at first. In the beginning, you may wish to spend a little time listening to some of the music; even though the tunes may sound familiar, the lyrics might come as a surprise. Or you might want to jump right in. Either way, enjoy. Southern Media Con's and Necronomicon's filk circles are unusual, which is saying something for filk. Most circles ask participants "Play, Pick, or Pass." That means that each person gets a turn in sequence, round-robin style, and that they can choose to play a song (or just sing, if they don't play an instrument), pick a title or topic if they don't feel like performing, or just pass.

At our conventions, as Yoda might say, "Play or pick...there is no pass." If you are in the circle, you get a turn. That's how it works.

The first time you sit in on a circle, you probably have no idea what you want to sing, or to hear. Fortunately, the other people in the room felt the same way the first time they joined us. If you let us know that you need help coming up with a song you like, we'll be happy to help you brainstorm. In fact, before you even get to the convention, here are a few ideas:

We may not always know anything immediately relevant, but eventually we'll hit on a topic you like.

Eventually, you'll want to sing something, either solo, or with help. If you need help, let us know. We love to sing, and generally, we'll do everything we can to follow your lead.

In the meantime, though, you'll often find that if you would like to sing along to another song, whether you or someone else picked it, people often have extra lyric sheets, and will almost always let you look over their shoulder if they don't.

There are only three rules for filk circles:

The first time you enter a filk circle, you will generally feel a little strange. Don't worry; by the time you leave, you'll feel much stranger. But we think it's a good strange, and we hope you'll stop by. Look for daytime and nighttime filk events in your SoMeCon and Necronomicon schedules.

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