This Case Mod was inspired by the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. A lot of his tales in the "Cthulhu Mythos" dealt with Elder Gods and Things That Man Was Not Meant To Know. This design is not a literal depiction of any one thing, more of an interpretation of a PC that has transformed. The name, which seemed appropriate, was inspired by Lovecraft's Elder God, Hastur, He Who Must Not Be Named. (least you accidentally summon him to you; which never ended well)

(This Case & Computer were built between Jan & October of 2003. Details of construction can be found at the links on the bottom of this page.)

  • Fully textured outer case
  • Necronomicon Glyph window, with 114 cuts...
  • ...Lit by two 12" CCFL tubes
  • Elder Sign & Cthulhu Runes etched window, lit by…
  • …8 superbright green & 8 superbright yellow LEDs attached to…
  • …Hard Drive activity flasher circuit.
  • Power button in monster mouth
  • Reset button in right eye
  • Light switch in left eye
  • Sculpted tentacles set on left side around window.
  • Textured fan cowling inside
  • Front bezel eyes lit with 2 superbright LEDs
  • Front lower part lit with two 4" CCFL tubes
  • Fully textured CD & floppy bezels
  • Decorated semi-clear pull-down front cover
  • Two extra Stealth Fans
  • Glow-in-the-dark rounded IDE cables
  • Split sleeve & mesh wire covers
  • NEW! Lighted Keyboard Mod

The concept for this Mod occurred in 2002, before I upgraded my system. I decided to go ahead with it and purchased the parts with the mod in mind.
  • P4 2.4ghz
  • upgraded: P4 3ghz
  • Asus P4PE mobo
  • Asus P4P800 mobo
  • 1gb DDR RAM
  • 250gb & 120gb SATA Hard Drives
  • Radeon 9700 Pro
  • various other standard features
Note: In 2003, I started with a P4 2.4ghz.
I upgraded the Mobo & CPU to a 3ghz in Dec 2005
Because the voices told me to! Because it was a challenge! Because it became an obsession! Because I wanted to knock the socks off you! Because I knew I could!
This was done over the course of about 10 months, sometimes working daily, sometimes letting a couple of weeks lapse. Cost to do this was not recorded for two reasons.
One: It's a work of art, and you can't put a price tag on art.
Two: I didn't want to scare myself.
Comments? Email the creator, Mark Jones

This animated GIF shows what it looks like with activity on the Hard Drive.

This images shows what the window looks like in the dark and in room lighting.

The links below will take you to specific pages for the details of construction. Click on ones that interest you, or follow the next link to see them in sequence.

Case Texture
Necronomicon Window Glyph
The Front Face
Right Side Windows
Keyboard Mod
High Res Photos
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