High Resolution Photographs

This page has some photos in very high resolution JPGS.
They are in 300dpi at about 8"x6", 8"x8" or 6"x6" print size.
You can download all of them in this 58.2mb zip file. casenotnamed.zip

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The Case That Must Not Be Named.

This Case & Computer were built between Jan & October of 2003.

P4 2.4ghz on a Asus P4PE mobo
Upgraded Dec05: P4 3ghz on Asus P4P800 mobo
120gb & 250gb SATA Hard Drives
Radeon 9700 Pro
various other standard features

Mod Features:
Fully textured outer case
Necronomicon Glyph window, with 114 cuts...
...Lit by two 12" CCFL tubes
Elder Sign & Cthulhu Runes etched window, lit by…
…8 superbright green & 8 superbright yellow LEDs attached to…
…Hard Drive activity flasher circuit.
Power button in monster mouth
Reset button in right eye
Light switch in left eye
Sculpted tentacles set on left side around window.
Textured fan cowling inside
Front bezel eyes lit with 2 superbright LEDs
Front lower part lit with two 4" CCFL tubes
Fully textured CD & floppy bezels
Decorated semi-clear pull-down front cover
Two extra Stealth Fans
Glow-in-the-dark rounded IDE cables
Split sleeve & mesh wire covers

This Case Mod was inspired by the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. A lot of his tales in the "Cthulhu Mythos" dealt with Elder Gods and Things That Man Was Not Meant To Know. This design is not a literal depiction of any one thing, more of an interpretation of a PC that has transformed.

Left side
The window on the left side is the Necronomicon symbol. It has 33 different openings and about 114 cuts. It took about 25 hours to cut this with a dremel and fiberglass reinforced cut off wheels.

It occurred to me that I could have tentacles coming out of the side to "hold" the window. I created them using "super sculpy" clay, a polymer clay that you bake in the oven

Front face
The genesis of this mod came from the original idea that you had to put your finger in a mouth full of teeth to tun it on. The eyes (taxidermy glass eyes) are also the reset button and lighting on/off. I made the mouth with Sculpy and 2 million year old fossilized shark teeth. The tongue in the center is the power switch.

Right Side
Due to a backplane support, I had to make two windows instead of one. The dremel etched designs are an Elder Sign, and the "cthulhu runes" font spelling out The Case That Must Not Be Named. Each has 4 green and 4 yellow superbright LEDs mounted around it tied to the HDD activity circuit.

Green was the overall color for lighting in this case, and I use two 12" CCFLs above and below the glyph window. Case mod websites inspired me to solder up a HDD flasher circuit to light the etched windows on the right. This powers 16 superbright LEDs. Two more green LEDs light the eyes, and two 4" CCFLs are behind the face.

The other texture on the case was obtained by smearing expanding foam on it. Then primed, gloss black, highlight with green, and finished with gloss clear coat.

Mark Jones