Case Texture
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Case Texture Painting Tests

texture coating the top bezel

close-up of front bezel texture before painting

close-up of front and eye socket after painting
  A previous case mod I had done used red-over-black crackle paint to make a nice, lava-like textured finish. I wanted to do the same in green, but found that all my tests came out lame. So I came up with the idea of texturing it using a process I had employed for Halloween props. This worked better then the original idea.

  When each of the sections were done, I used Great Stuff expanding foam to make the texture. I sprayed a bunch on, then (wearing gloves) I smeared it around and flattened out the large clumps into smaller ones. That done, I sprayed it with black primer, then Krylon gloss black. The green was a custom mixture based on the most revolting green I could have Home Depot make up. I used a drybrush painting technique to get the highlights. Final was a topcoat of clear gloss to give it that still slimy look.

  The foam is very resilient, but the paint will crack off. However, fixing it is easy. Just touch up the black and highlight with the green. I don't have to worry about "clean" paint matching, because of the nature of the texture.

  You will find some other texture picures on the Window Glyph page and on the Elder Sign/Scroll page.