This page shows the 2016 Panels list, so you have an example of the things we do.
The 2017 list will show up around September.

You can download and read a PDF version of the 2016 Program book at: Necronomicon 2016 Program Book

FRIDAY ROOM PANEL NAME [H:]=Host and [P:] = Panelists
1:00 PM Audubon D-E-F Maintaining Mystery without Losing Your Reader [H:] Paula Sandusky, [P:] Steven Barnes, William Hatfield, David Berger, Kat Heckenbach, K.L. Nappier
2:00 PM Audubon D-E-F Realism vs. the Needs of the Story [H:] K.L. Nappier, [P:] Glenda Finkelstein, Richard Lee Byers, William Hatfield, Daisy Farnum, Aria Kane
3:00 PM Audubon C Autograph Session with Steven Brust, Steven Barnes & Timothy Zahn Steven Barnes, Steven Brust, Timothy Zahn
3:00 PM Audubon D-E-F Wrting What You Don't Know [H:] Paula Sandusky, [P:] Joe Iriarte, Elle E. Ire, Rick Wilber, Aria Kane
4:00 PM Audubon C Writing for the YA Market [H:] E. Rose Sabin, [P:] Steven Barnes, K.L. Nappier, Kat Heckenbach, Glendal Finkelstein, Aria Kane
4:00 PM Audubon D-E-F Humorous Fiction: How to Keep it Funny [H:] Paula Sandusky, [P:] Richard Lee Byers, Steven Brust, Will Ludwigsen
4:00 PM White Ibis South Open Filk Filkers
5:00 PM Audubon C Short Fiction: Where to Begin the Story [H:] Paula Sandusky, panelists, Will Ludwigsen, Richard Lee Byers, Joe Iriarte
5:00 PM Audubon D-E-F So You Want to be an Actor [H:] Teri Sears, [P:] David Polk, Perry Bruns, Jeffrey Breslauer, Glendal Finkelstein
5:00 PM White Ibis South OPEN FILK Filkers
6:00 PM Audubon C Writing Dialog: It's not Just People Talking [H:] Ann Morris, [P:] Richard Lee Byers, Steven Brust
6:00 PM Audubon D-E-F Point of View: Head Hopping [H:] Kat Heckenbach, [P:] Aria Kane, William Hatfield, Rick Wilber, Joe Macolino
6:00 PM White Ibis South BSG: The Best Frakking Panel in the Universe [H:] Daisy Farnum, [P:] Tom Macheski, Juan Sanmiguel
7:00 PM Audubon D-E-F Opening Ceremonies and Q&A with the Stevens [H:] Ann Morris, guests of honor: Steven Barnes, Steven Brust. Teri Sears will conduct an open Q&A with the Stevens.
8:00 PM Audubon C Fan Discussion: Marvel Movieverse [H:] A.H., [P:] Daisy Farnum, Debra Hicks, Victoria Meredith, Rick Dagneau
8:00 PM Audubon D-E-F Necronomicon's Got Talent [H:] Ann Morris, judges: Jack Faber, Tracy Zielinksi, Mark Callen, Talent show open to participation by convention members
8:00 PM Outside Stargazing [H:] Tanja Diederich, Meet in author alley lobby to be guided to the viewing location. This event is "weather permitting."
8:00 PM White Ibis South Writers Craft: Show, Don't Tell [H:] Elle E. Ire, [P:] E. Rose Sabin, Aria Kane, Joe Iriarte, Steven Brust, Jamie Merchant
9:00 PM Audubon C Fan Discussion: What Everyone Likes but I Don't Like [H:] Paula Sandusky, [P:] Victoria Meredith, A.H., Debra Hicks, Rick Dagneau
9:00 PM White Ibis South Plotting a Mystery [H:] Sarah Glen, [P:] Richard.Lee Byers, Will Ludwigsen, Rick Wilber, Gwen Mayo, Kat Heckenbach
10:00 PM Audubon C Tarot Reading (interactive reading with Michael McAfee [H:] Michael McAfee, Audience participation reading
10:00 PM Audubon D-E-F Movie One-Liners (trivia game) [H:] Capricia Bruns
10:00 PM Con Suite Ygor Party [H:] Kendall F. Morris, Eric Carroll
10:00 PM White Ibis South Open Filk Filkers
11:00 PM Audubon C Writing the Sexy Stuff [H:] Elle. E. Ire, [P:] Aria Kane, Jamie Merchant, William Hatfield Michael McAfee
midnight Audubon D-E-F Helllcats Burlesque Nec @ Night, over 18 programming
1:00 AM Audubon D-E-F Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast Nec @ Night,
2:30 AM Audubon D-E-F El Viro: Masters of the Night MST3K inspired movie lampoon--audience participation encouraged
10:00 AM Audubon C Keeping it Fresh: Shows and Book Series that Keep Going and Going H; Daisy Farnum, Rick Dagneau, A.H., Victoria Meredith
10:00 AM Audubon D-E The Pluto Panel [H:] Jeff Mitchell, [P:] Wilfredo Guerrero, Craig MacDougal, Tanja Diederich, Craig Caldwell
10:00 AM Audubon F Cheap Cosplay [H:] Melodie Stubkjaer
10:00 AM White Ibis South Open Filk [H:] Crystal Guillory
11:00 AM Audubon C Horror: Is Splatter Necessary? [H:] Sarah Glen: [P:] David Polk, Richard Lee Byers, Will Ludwigsen, Craig Caldwell
11:00 AM Audubon D-E Guest of Honor Q&A (reprise) with the Stevens [H:] Teri Sears, guests: Steven Barnes, Steven Brust
11:00 AM Audubon F Making a Bag of Holding [H:] Melodie Stubkjaer
11:00 AM White Ibis South Cthulhu Academy: Rocket Building [H:] Jack Faber, Chris Alexander
12:00 PM Audubon C Writing Novels: Ending It Right [H:] Elle E. Ire, [P:] Steven Brust, Glenda Finkelstein, William Hatfield, Kat Heckenbach, Jeff Carroll
12:00 PM Audubon D-E Being Professional: What Beginning Writers Need to Know [H:] Paula Sandusky, [P:] David Berger, Richard Lee Byers, E. Rose Sabin, Steven Barnes, Rick Wilber
12:00 PM Audubon F What's New in Gaming? [H:] Hall Greenberg, [P:] C.W. Smith III, Craig Caldwell, Christopher Helton
12:00 PM White Ibis South Cthulhu Academy: A Cthulhu Ghsot Story [H:] Perry Bruns, Capricial Bruns
1:00 PM Audubon C Singalong [H:] A.H., Victoria Meredith
1:00 PM Audubon D-E Gravitational Waves, Black Holes, and the Multiverse, Oh My! (powerpoint presentation) [H:] Craig MacDougal, Slide presentation with commentary
1:00 PM Audubon F Working in Entertainment When You Don't Live in L.A. [H:] Perry Bruns, [P:] David Polk, Jeffrey Breslauer, Glenda Finkelstein, G.W. Pomichter
1:00 PM White Ibis South Cthulhu Academy: Skywatching [H:] Tanja Diederich, Wilfredo Guerrero
2:00 PM Audubon C Writing Horror: Drawing on Urban Legends [H:] A.H., [P:] Richard Lee Byers, Will Ludwigsen, Jeff Carroll, K.L. Nappier
2:00 PM Audubon D-E Science Literacy and You [H:] Jeff Mitchell, [P:] Ane Kloetzer, Kendall F. Morris, Kendall D. W. Morris, Wilfredo Guerrero, Craig Caldwell
2:00 PM Audubon F Writing Workshop [H:] Elle. E. Ire, Robert Dixon, E. Rose Sabin. Event limited to 12 people. Get help making your writing better. Sign up before the convention by writing to guestliaison.necro@gmail.com. If spaces are available at the con, sign up deadline is 11 a.m.Saturday. Two hour event.
2:00 PM White Ibis South Cthulhu Academy: Photo Composition Workshop Want to kick your Con Cosplay photos up a notch? Come to learn two very simple ways to do so at this Photo Composition workshop. Say you don't have a camera? Sure you do. Bring your cell phone.[H:] Tom Macheski
3:00 PM Audubon C Why I Write Short Fiction [H:] Paula Sandusky, Rick Wilber, Joe Iriarte, Sarah Glenn, Kat Heckenbach, Jeff Carroll
3:00 PM Audubon D-E Trivia [H:] Timothy Zahn, presenters: Corwin Zahn, Mark Jones, Capricia Bruns, Perry Bruns, Dean Dryer. Team-based trivia contest with Prizes! Rules and sign up at Registration
3:00 AM White Ibis South Cthulhu Academy: Art Project (TBA) [H:] Melodie Stubkjaer
4:00 PM Audubon C Characters that Aren't a Reflection of You [H:] Christopher Helton, [P:] Rick Wilber, Jeff Carroll, Robert Dixon, Kat Heckenbach
4:00 PM Audubon F Movies and Monsters [H:] A.H., [P:] Richard Lee Byers, Will Ludwigsen, David Polk, Michael McAfee
4:00 PM White Ibis South Cthulhu Academy: Origami [H:] Tracy Zielinski
5:00 PM Audubon C The Best of Doctor Who and What's to Come [H:] Daisy Farnum, [P:] Teri Sears, Jeffrey Breslauer, David Polk, Juan Sanmiguel, Mark Callen
5:00 PM Audubon D-E International Space Station Slide Show [H:] Jeff Mitchell, Yearly update on the ISS
5:00 PM Audubon F Supervillain Smackdown (game) [H:] Dean Dryer, [P:] Richard Lee Byers. Perry Bruns, Gwen Mayo, Timothy Zahn
5:00 PM White Ibis South Cthulhu Academy: Tiaras and Crowns [H:] Melodie Stubkjaer, Meg Kuklovic
5:00 PM Author Alley Area Autograph Session Steven Barnes, Steven Brust, Rick Wilber, Timothy Zahn
6:00 PM Audubon C The Fine Art of Exposition [H:] William Hatfield, [P:] Steven Brust, Will Ludwigsen, Jamie Merchant, Kat Heckenbach
6:00 PM White Ibis South Tips for Fan Fiction Writers [H:] Debra Hicks, [P:] Victoria Meredith, Tracy Zielinski
7:30 PM Audubon D-E + Hall Costume Contest Seating Begins at 7:30 (Gs.o.H. have reserved seating 0
8:00 PM Audubon D-E + Hall Costume Contest [H:] Ann Morris, MCs: Jade Morris, Kendall Morris
9:00 PM White Ibis South Yes, but Would You Date Them (fan panel) [H:] Debra Hicks, [P:] Victoria Meredith, A.H., Mark Callen
9:30 PM Audubon D-E-F Necronomi-Prom [H:] Melodie Stubkjaer, D.J. Sean L. Serdynski
10:00 PM White Ibis South Fannish Name That Tune [H:] Chris Harben
11:00 PM White Ibis South OPEN FILK Filkers
12:30 AM Audubon D-E-F Creatures of the Night Music Nec @ Night, (Parental Guidence Suggested) Abortion Twins (Punk/Gag), Beerwolf (Low-Fantasy Desert Metal), Achilles the Conquerer (Geed/Nerd HipHop)
3:00 AM Audubon D-E-F WrassleMania Watch for possible guest announcement.
4:00 AM Audubon D-E-F A Guided Tour and Construction of Bad AMV 0
10:00 AM Audubon C Fact and Fiction of Paranormal Investigation [H:] Brandy Stark
10:00 AM Audubon D-E Monster Film Challenge Film Festival (4 hours) 0
10:00 AM Audubon F Tai Chi with Steven Barnes Wear comfy clothes and join in this one hour workshop with our guest of honor Steven Barnes.
10:00 AM White Ibis South Ask a Scientist [H:] Tanja Diederich, [P:] Ane Kloetzer, A.H., Kendall D.W. Morris, Jeff Mitchell
11:00 AM Audubon C Wait Wait Don't Tell Me [H:] K.L. Nappier, [P:] Timothy Zahn, Debra Hicks, G.W. Pomichter, Glenda Finkelstein, Tom Macheski
11:00 AM Audubon F Star Wars: The Force is Strong [H:] Perry Bruns, [P:] Richard Lee Byers, Mark Jones, K.L. Nappier, Steven Brust
11:00 AM White Ibis South The Care and Feeding of Your Creative Process [H:] Tracy Zielinski, [P:] Will Ludwigsen, Elle E. Ire, Brandy Stark, Hall Greenberg, Kat Heckenbach
12:00 PM Audubon C Diminished Trivia [H:] Dean Dryer
12:00 PM Audubon F Gender, Ethnicity and Religion in SF [H:] Tracy Zielinski, [P:] Joe Iriarte, David Berger, Rick Wilber, Steven Barnes, Aria Kane
12:00 PM White Ibis South Web Media [H:] G.W. Pomichter, [P:] Gwen Mayo, Daisy Farnum
1:00 PM Audubon C Star Trek: Boldly Going Beyond [H:] Tanja Diederich, [P:] Ann Morris, Juan Sanmiguel, Richard Lee Byers, Jeff Carroll, Glenda Finkelstein
1:00 PM White Ibis South Seeing What Nobody Else Sees: Art in the Eye of the Artist [H:] Craig Caldwell, [P:] Brandy Stark, Tom Macheski, Kat Heckenbach
2:00 PM Audubon D-E-F 3rd Annual Cthulhu Memorial Eye Scream Social and Yard Sale [H:] Debra Hicks
2:30 PM Audubon D-E-F Autographing with Steven Barnes, Steven Brust and Timothy Zahn


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