Here is the 2017 Panel list. Changes may occur before the convention.

2:00 PM Panel 2 Awesome Anti-Heroes [H:] Doll [P:] Nappier, Farnum, Hatfield, Heckenbach, Coryell
2:00 PM Panel 3 Creating Alien Cultures [H:] DiChario [P:] Hogarth, Wilber, G.Finkelstein, Downes
3:00 PM Panel 2 How to Find Your Voice [H:] Swendson [P:] Wilber, Kane, Nappier, Iriarte
3:00 PM Panel 3 Real Monsters and Vicious Animals [H:] Sears [P:] Macheski, Doll, Byers, Desir
4:00 PM Panel 1 Star Wars: Everything You Want to Know about Thrawn [P:] Zahn
4:00 PM Panel 2 Story Craft: Are You Overthinking the Story? [H:] Wilkerson [P:] Kane, Ire, Ludwigsen, Hatfield, DiChario
4:00 PM Panel 3 World Building: Gods & Religions [H:] Sabin [P:] Downes, Wilber, Byers, Hogarth, Marchant
4:00 PM Panel 4 Meet Shanna and Ken Autographing [P:] Swendson, Mitchroney
5:00 PM Panel 1 Whitewashing in Hollywood [H:] Pomichter [P:] Zielinski, Desir, Quevedo, Tumlin
5:00 PM Panel 2 Road Runner, Wylie Coyote & the Heisenberg Uncertanty Principle [H:] Farnum [P:] Wysocki, Shapiro, Smith
5:00 PM Panel 3 What to Do with the Editor's Comments [H:] Sears [P:] Heckenbach, Macheski, Iriarte, Strnad,
5:00 PM Panel 4 How to Know When You Need an Agent [H:] Ire [P:] Kane, Diver, Labud
6:30:PM Panel 1 Opening Ceremonies [H:] A. Morris
7:00:PM Panel 2 Dialog: "Don't mess this up," he said. [H:] Pomichter [P:] Hatfield, Wikerson, Desir, Labud
7:00 PM Panel 3 Tips for Fan Fiction Writers [H:] K. Coryell [P:] S. Coryell, Hicks, Downes, Sandusky
7:00 PM Panel 4 Anime Timeline 1970-1985 [P:] Dmuchowski
7:30:PM Panel 1 Necronomicon's Got Talent [P:] A. Morris, H. Dryer, T. Zielinski, Faber, Callen
8:00 PM Panel 2 The Role of Research [H:] Finkelstein [P:] Shannon, Wysocki, Desir, Labud, S. Coryell
8:00 PM Panel 3 Drawing from Mythology [H:] Sandusky [P:] Macheski, Stark, Sabin,, Farnum, Strnad, Tumlin
8:00 PM Panel 4 How Your Favorite Anime Should Have Ended [P:] Dmuchowski
9:00 PM Panel 1 Monster Film Challenge Festival
9:00 PM Panel 2 Dishing on the New Doctor [H:] Farnum [P:] Pomichter, Sanmiguel, Doll, Sears
9:00 PM Panel 3 Debbie's Trivia Quiz [H:] Hicks
10:00 PM Panel 2 Pajama Party with Ken and Beth [H:] Weilenman
10:00 PM Panel 3 Movie OneLiners [H:] Bruns
10:00 PM Con Suite Ygor Party
10:00 AM Panel 1 Guest of Honor Q&A [H:] Weilenman [P:] Mitchroney, Swendson
10:00 AM Panel 2 Spece Station Update [P:] Mitchell
10:00 AM Panel 3 Weeping Angels with Elaine Polk [P:] Cthulhu Academy
10:00 AM Panel 4 Intro to Steampunk [P:] Tampa Bay Steam punk Society
11:00 AM Panel 1 Wrting in Collaboration with Game Creators [H:] Macheski [P:] Byers, Greenberg, Shannon,
11:00 AM Panel 2 How Can We Keep Space Colonists Healthy? [H:] MacDougal [P:] K. Morris, K.D. Morris, Sandusky, Mitchell,
11:00 AM Panel 3 Rocket Building with Jack Faber [P:] Cthulhu Academy
11:00 AM Hallway Autographing [P:] Mitchroney, Zahn, Swendsen
11:00 AM Panel 4 Steampunk Cosplay [P:] Tampa Bay Steam punk Society
12:00 PM Panel 1 Bubba the Redneck Werewolf Showing [P:] Film
12:00 PM Panel 2 People Who Teach the People Who Treat You [H:] MacDougal [P:] K. Morris, K.D. Morris, Sandusky, Shapiro,
12:00 PM Panel 3 Cthulhu Acedmy Not Scheduled Yet (TBA)
12:00 PM Panel 4 Being Funny is Serious Busniess [H:] Wilkerson [P:] Byers, Ludwigsen, Mitchroney, Strnad,, DiChario,
1:00 PM Panel 2 Climate, Climate Shift, Climate Change & Weather [H:] Sears(H) [P:] Caldwell, Dyen-Shapiro, Paxton
1:00 PM Panel 3 Cthulhu Acedmy Not Scheduled Yet (TBA)
1:00 PM Panel 4 Book Group with Shanna Swendson [H:] H. Dryer [P:] Swendson,
1:00 PM Con Suite Tea Dueling [H:] Hawley
2:00 PM Panel 1 Bubba Panel [H:] Figueroa [P:] Hyman, Rogers, Downes Phillips,
2:00 PM Panel 2 Worst Day Tampa Bay [H:] Stubkjaer [P:] van Beynan, Caldwell, Paxton, Dyen- Shapiro
2:00 PM Panel 3 Cthulhu Acedmy Not Scheduled Yet (TBA)
2:00 PM Panel 4 Trivia [P:] Jones, Zahn, Bruns, Dryer
3:00 PM Panel 1 Airship Chronicles, Terrible Toys, Snooze [P:] Film
3:00 PM Panel 2 Physics in Film and Television [H:] Diederich [P:] Wysocki, Dyen-Shapiro, MacDougal, Nappier
3:00 PM Panel 3 Cthulhu Acedmy Not Scheduled Yet (TBA)
4:00 PM Panel 1 Filmmaking in Florida [H:] G. Finkelstein [P:] T. Finkelstein, Downes, Hymam, Pomichter
4:00 PM Panel 2 From Science Fiction to Science Fact [H:] Diederich [P:] Wysocki, Mitchell, Smith, Sandusky
4:00 PM Panel 3 Cthulhu Acedmy Not Scheduled Yet (TBA)
4:00 PM Panel 4 Cosplay is for Everybody [H:] Bruns [P:] Nana the Red, Poetic Steam Hippie, A. Morris,Doll, Cosplay Michael
5:00 PM Panel 1 Superwomen without Super Powers [H:] Zielinski [P:] Farley, Doll, Shannon, G. Finkelstein, Hatfield
5:00 PM Panel 2 Commercial Space Companies: Their Products & Plans [P:] Mitchell
5:00 PM Panel 3 Cthulhu Acedmy Not Scheduled Yet (TBA)
5:00 PM Panel 4 Getting out of the Medievel Fantasy Rut [H:] Wilkerson [P:] Hogarth, Swendson, Byers, Iriarte, Diver
6:00 PM Panel 2 Anime Timeline 1985-2000 [P:] Dmuchowski, Harms
6:00 PM Panel 3 Cthulhu Acedmy Not Scheduled Yet (TBA)
6:00 PM Panel 4 Turning Tropes Upside Down [H:] Kane [P:] Ludwigsen, Strnad, Farley, Mitchroney, DiChario
7:00 PM Outside Stargazing with Tanja [P:] Diederich
7:00 PM Dinner Break
7:30 PM Panel 1 Costume Contest Seating Begins
8:00 PM Panel 1 Costume Contest [P:] J.Morris, K.D. Morris, A. Morris
9:00 PM Panel 2 Last Fan Out (game) [P:] Bruns
9:30 PM Panel 1 Necronomi-Prom [P:] Stubkjaer, Serdinski
10:00 PM Panel 2 Fannish Name That Tune [P:] Harben
11:00 PM Panel 2 Slash Fiction [H:] Hicks
10:00 AM Panel 1 Game of Phones [P:] H. Dryer
10:00 AM Panel 2 Care and Feeding of Your Creative Process [H:] Zielinski [P:] Diver, Stark, Iriartei, Mitchroney
10:00 AM Panel 3 Obligatory Star Wars Panel [H:] Hicks [P:] Zahn, Swendson, Downes, Farnum, Macheski
10:00 AM Panel 4 Cosplay on a Budget [H:] Stubkjaer [P:] Nana the Red, Weilenman, Doll, Strnad, Jones
11:00 AM Panel 2 Ask a Ghost Hunter [H:] Stark
11:00 AM Panel 3 Magic Systems That Won't Break Your Story [H:] Coryell [P:] Swendsen, Byers, Marchant, Greenberg, Desir
11:00 AM Panel 4 Writing Workshop [H:] Sabin [P:] Dixon, Ire
12:00 PM Panel 1 Characters with Disabilities [H:] A. Morris [P:] Hatfield , Wilber, G. Finkelstein
12:00 PM Paeel 2 The Influence of The Last Unicorn [P:] Dmuchowski, Harms
12:00 PM Panel 3 Everything You Wanted to Know about Pirates [H:] Weilenman
1:00 PM Panel 2 Writing Kids Right [H:] Sears [P:] Iriarte, Heckenbach, Desir
1:00 PM Panel 3 How to Interact with Fans & Your Fellow Professionals [H:] Doll [P:] Stark, Hogarth, Strnad, Poetic Steam Hippie, Kane
1:00 PM Panel 4 What's Your Geeky Guilty Pleasure? [H:] Nappier [P:] Swendson, Mitchroney, Byers,
2:00 PM Panel 1 Charity Auction and Eye Scream Social [H:] Hicks
2:00 PM Panel 1 Autographing at Charity Auction [P:] Zahn, Mitchroney, Swendson
4:00 PM Panel 1 Survivors Raffle

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