This was the Panel list for 2006.
Some changes were made, but this was pretty close to what occured in 2006.

3:00 PM Regency 2 The Business of Writing Selling, getting paid, taxes, finding markets, etc. etc. Guests: G. Finkelstein, Ludwigsen, Rosamilia, Savino, Host: Van Scoyoc
3:00 PM Regency 3 Open Filk Time to raise your voice in song Host: Bruns
4:00 PM Regency 2 What's New in TV? Get the inside scoop from SY FY Portal's webmaster. Guests: Hinman, Host: Hinman
4:00 PM Regency 3 Open Filk The beginning of singing the night away Host: Bruns
5:00 PM Con Suite Meet the Guests Meet the folks who will be on our program this year. Guests: Grazier, Turtledove, Vinge, other guests, Host: Sears
5:00 PM Regency 2 LARP Basics Find out how to get started if you've never LARPed before. Guests: A. Aylward, J. Faber, Host: Faber
5:00 PM Regency 3 Open Filk Host: Bruns
7:00 PM Regency 4-7 Eye Scream Social Come eat goodies and buy stuff at our yard sale. Host: Hicks
8:30 PM Regency 2 Movie One Liners Trivia for movie buffs--a perennial fave Host: Lung
9:00 PM Regency 5-7 Fan Cabaret Gotta dance? Gotta sing? Do it in our show for fans. Host: Bruns
10:00 PM Regency 2 & 4 Good vs. Evil Fight Show See who wins in this monumental battle with some of your favorite SF characters Host: Hawkins
10:00 PM Regency 7 Karaoke Here's your chance to sing with your favorite pop and j-pop tunes. Host: Wiener
10:00 PM Regency 5-6 25th Anniversary Dance Celebrate 25 years of NECRONOMICONs by shaking your booty. Host: Sears
12:00 AM Regency 5-7 Rocky Horror Our annual interactive with your beloved R. H. characters. Host: Schneider
10:00 AM Regency 2 Obligatory Breaking In Panel How to get a foot in the door in the world of writing and publishing. Guests: Bassett, DiGiacomo, Hatfield, Logan, Host: Roen
10:00 AM Regency 3 Who's Calling the Shots--Fans or PTB Find out who decides what it is you must see on TV. Guests: Hinman, S. Powers, Host: Hicks
10:00 AM Regency 5 Art that Artists Like Artists share their opinions of what is good and not so good art. Guests: Conrad, Cornett, Morrison, Vincenti, Host: May
10:00 AM Regency 6 Cassini Project Kevin Grazier clues you in on what's happening with the mission to Saturn. Guests: Grazier, Host: Grazier
11:00 AM Regency 2 Education in the Future How will education be conducted 10, 20 or even 100 years from now? Guests: Grazier, K. Morris, Turtledove, Vinge, Host: MacDougal
11:00 AM Regency 3 Visible Light Entertainment Meet the founders of this new comics company and learn about their projects. Guests: Bassett, Sommers, Host: Antczak
11:00 AM Regency 5 The Role of Magic in Fiction Authors discuss how and why they use magic in their works. Guests: Abbey, Byers, Jackson, Sabin, Host: Warren
11:00 AM Regency 6 Whose Line Is It Anyway (Game) Improvisation game: lots of laughs Guests: Van Scoyoc, Host: Dryer
11:00 AM Regency 7 Children's Programming Activities for kids and their parents. Crafts, storytelling, etc. Host: M. Hoffmann
12:00 PM Regency 2 Tampa Fechtschule Workshop Medieval martial arts workshop--a fave every year. Guests: Clark, Host: Sharkey
12:00 PM Regency 3 Anime-Rising Star of SF/F Anime is popping up at just about every turn. What makes it such a hot item? Guests: C. McCoy, C.T. McCoy, McSweeney, Dmuchowski, Host: Winn
12:00 PM Regency 5 Look What They've Done to Space How many planets are there today? Come learn why so many changes lately. Guests: Caldwell, Grazier, MacDougal , Mitchell, Host: May
12:00 PM Regency 6 Art Illustration: The Spooky Side Artists talk about creating art that sends shivers down your spine. Guests: Atomic, Deeley, Morrison, Vincenti, Host: Simon
1:00 PM Galleria B Hall Costume Parade Show off your hall costumes by parading through convention area; awards given. Guests: T. Finkelstein, T. Morris, Whitson, Host: A. Morris
1:00 PM Regency 3 Genre Poetry-Writers & Readers SF & fantasy poets talk about their work and it's place in the genre. Guests: Ambrose, Deeley, Sommers, Van Scoyoc, Host: Boston/Simon
1:00 PM Regency 5 Alternative Energy Meet some folks who can tell you how to cut energy use and why itís a good idea. Guests: Caldwell, Ewing, May, LoBue, Host: MacDougal
1:00 PM Regency 6 Voice Acting Workshop Learn how the pros create the voices you hear on TV and in audio books. Guests: G. Finkelstein, T. Finkelstein, Host: Breslauer
2:00 PM Regency 2 Guest of Honor Q & A Here's your chance to ask questions of our guests of honor. Guests: Grazier, Turtledove, Vinge, Host: May
2:00 PM Regency 3 POD, Self Publishing & E-Publishing How print on demand and Internet publishing have changed the world for writers. Guests: G. Finkelstein, Howdershelt, Rosamilia, Savino, Host: T. Finkelstein
2:00 PM Regency 5 Creating Worlds-Writing Authors talk about the elements that go into creating a setting for their tales. Guests: Jackson, Ludwigsen, McCoys, Van Scoyoc, Host: S. Powers
2:00 PM Regency 6 Trivia Our yearly "Jeopardy" style trivia game. Sign up ahead of time to play. Guests: Bruns, Dryer, Warren, Host: Jones
3:00 PM Regency 2 Autographing Get our guests to sign books or your NECRONOMICON program book. Guests: Grazier, Turtledove, Vinge, Zahn, Host: Louli
3:00 PM Regency 3 Writing Workshop-Point of View D.C. Black helps aspiring writers learn how to use point of view to advantage. Guests: Black, Host: Black
3:00 PM Regency 5 Joss Whedon:SF/F's New Guru? Hear why our panel thinks J.W. has reached the status of SF Great. Guests: C. McCoy, C.T. McCoy, Hinman, A. Morris, Host: Winn
4:00 PM Regency 2 Where do SF & F meet? Sometimes it's hard to tell SF & F apart. Authors discuss the mixing of the two. Guests: Boston, Cisneros, G. Finkelstein, Rosamilia, Host: A. Aylward
4:00 PM Regency 3 Hollywood Inside Gossip Want to know some juicy tidbits about your favorite stars. This is the place to be. Guests: DiGiacomo, Hinman,
4:00 PM Regency 5 How to Make Your Characters 3-D Writers tell you how they create the characters that you love or love to hate. Guests: Akers, Ewing, Ludwigsen, Savino, Host: T. Finkelstein
4:00 PM Regency 6 Atomic/Westerfield Film Kick-Off Filmmaking is alive and well in Tampa. Learn about Tampa's latest indie film. Guests: Westerfield, Host: Atomic
5:00 PM Regency 2 How SF Has Changed Since the 50s Our panel discusses how and why SF has changed since the good old days. Guests: Boston , Breslauer, Hatfield, Vinge, Host: Pinsky
5:00 PM Regency 3 The Truth about Trek Everything you ever wanted to know about "Star Trek" Guests: Hinman, Host: Hinman
5:00 PM Regency 5 Writing Combat Scenes How writers can make a fight come alive for the reader Guests: Abbey, Byers, Jackson, Cisneros, Host: Sharkey
5:00 PM Regency 7 Writing Workshop-Structure D.C. Black is back helping you organize your story. Guests: Black, Host: Black
7:00 PM Regency 7 Costume Contest Line-up Contestants in the Saturday Night Masquerade gather for briefing. Host: A. Morris
8:00 PM Regency 2-6 Costume Contest Come see all the magical creations of NECRONOMICON's costumer attendees. Guests: Breslauer, G. Finkelstein, Hinman, Sabin, Host: A. Morris
9:30 PM Regency 2 Art Auction Need something cool for your walls. The art auction is the place to find it. Guests: Hicks, Host: Hicks
9:30 PM Regency 5-7 Anime Dance Get funky with your favorite J-pop tunes. Host: METROCON
10:00 PM Galleria A Open Filk Same as Friday, just open again at 10pm Host: Bruns
10:00 PM Regency 3 SF Name That Tune (trivia) Think you know SF & F music. Test your knowledge here. Guests: Harben, Host: Harben
11:00 PM Regency 2 What Scares the Folks Who Scare Us? They write about scary things but what really scares them? Guests: Jackson, Ludwigsen, Sommers, Van Scoyoc, Host: A. Aylward
11:00 PM Regency 3 Hentai, Yaoi, and Slash, Oh My! Confused about the new forms anime and manga have opened up? Learn here. Guests: Dmuchowski, Hicks, Hinman, Hollingsworth, Host: Iacca
11:30 PM Regency 5-7 Creatures of the Night Pageant Put on your spookiest garb and compete to be NECRO's Official Creatures. Guests: Van Scoyoc, Logan, Cisneros, Host: K. Morris
10:00 AM Regency 2 History: Myth or Alternate Reality Learn how authors use history to tell a good tale. Guests: Abbey, Byers, Cisneros, Turtledove, Host: May
10:00 AM Regency 3 Where's the Laughter? Finding humor in SF & F. Guests: Jackson, Breslauer, G. Finkelstein, Hatfield, Host: Monroe
10:00 AM Regency 5 Digital Art for Dummies Want to know how artists use photomanipulation to create? Find out here. Guests: Cornett, Jeffers, McSweeney, Host: Roen
10:00 AM Regency 6 Space Station Update Jeff Mitchell persents his slide show on the International Space Station. Guests: Mitchell, Host: Mitchell
10:00 AM Regency 7 The Fate of Short Fiction Is short fiction going out of style or is it alive and well? Guests: Antczak, Boston , DiGiacomo, Keeney, Host: May
11:00 AM Regency 2 Research for Writers Getting the facts right is important even in fiction. Hear how our writers find the facts. Guests: Jeffers, Ludwigsen, Savino, Van Scoyoc, Host: G. Finkelstein
11:00 AM Regency 3 Why Are People Afraid of Science? Why are so many people scared by the wonders of science instead of loving them? Guests: Grazier, Mitchell, Drs. Morris, Vinge, Host: Caldwell
11:00 AM Regency 5 Potterdy (Harry Potter Trivia game) Think you know all about H.P.? Test yourself in this "Jeopardy" style game. Host: Clendenning
11:00 AM Regency 6 Conrad on Costuming Artist Mike Conrad shows you how he designs and brings to life a new costume. Guests: Wisdom, Host: Conrad
11:00 AM Regency 7 Whose Line Is It Anyway (Game) Improvisation game: lots of laughs Host: Dryer
12:00 PM Regency 2 Tampa Fechtschule Workshop Medieval martial arts workshop--a fave every year. Guests: Clark, Host: Sharkey
12:00 PM Regency 3 Ethics and Science Ethics aren't just for the religious. Learn the place of ethics in the world of science. Guests: Antczak, Jackson, Pinsky, Vinge, Host: Sabin
12:00 PM Regency 5 Writers & Gaming These folks have played the games you love and they'll talk to you about them. Guests: Byers, C. McCoy, C.T. McCoy, Turtledove, Host: Winn
12:00 PM Regency 6 Pirate Costume Contest & POTC Interactive Dress in your finest pirate garb and compete to win real pretty ribbons. Host: Knuckles/Morris
12:00 PM Regency 7 Writing Workshop-Scene Development D.C. Black helps you determine how to start, develop and end a scene. Guests: Black, Host: Black
1:00 PM Regency 3 Cosplay For our anime & manga fans! Compete to win 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place ribbons. Guests: C. McCoy, C.T. McCoy, McSweeney, Host: Caldwell
1:00 PM Regency 5 Enemy Within (Game) Come play in this one hour "LARP." Guests: Dryer, Host: Dryer
1:00 PM Regency 6 Pirate Costume Contest & POTC Interactive Join in the fun of interacting with your fave pirate film. Host: Knuckles/Morris
1:00 PM Regency 7 Fans' Pet Peeves What just bugs you to death about TV, movies, books. Fans' gripe session. Guests: DiGiacomo, Hicks, Sears,
2:00 PM Regency 2 YA, After Harry Potter, What? Can young adult fiction be more scary, realistic, sad than before H.P.? Guests: Akers, Sabin , Savino, Turtledove, Host: May
2:00 PM Regency 5 How Science Has Changed Daily Life Our panel talks about the marvelous things that once were just dreams. Guests: Ewing, Grazier, Hatfield, Vinge, Host: Mitchell
2:00 PM Regency 7 Writing Workshop-Description How much is enough? How much is too much. D.C. Black will tell you. Guests: Black, Host: Black
3:00 PM Regency 3 Open Filk Final singing on Sunday Host: Bruns
3:00 PM Regency 7 Summer Movies--Fan Opinions Come chat with other fans about the good, the bad & the ugly of summer films. Guests: DiGiacomo, Hinman, Warren, Host:

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