Necronomicon Guests of Honor:
Vernor Vinge
Harry Turtledove
Dr. Kevin R. Grazier
(Science advisor for Battlestar Galactic & Eureka)

Other Guests

If you are a guest listed here, and we don't currently link you to a website, please email the webmaster to add a hyperlink.

Timothy Zahn
Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
Michael Hinman (SyFy Portal)
Dr. Mike Pinsky
Mike Conrad
Lynn Abbey
Jeffrey Breslauer
Glenda C. Finklestein
Tony Finkelstein
Ed Howdershelt
Chris A. Jackson
Ross Winn
T. Devon Sharkey
Tracy Cornett
Christopher McCoy
Christina McCoy
Steve Antczak
Craig MacDougal
Craig Caldwell
William Hatfield
William R. Logan
Richard Lee Byers
The Two Drs. Morris
(Kendall F. and Kendall D.)
E. Rose Sabin
Jeff Mitchell
Stanley Morrison
Johnny Atomic
Robert Westerfield
Paul Vincenti
Armand Rosamilia
Bruce Boston
Marge Simon
Will Ludwigsen
Malcolm Deeley
Tracy A. Akers

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