10-1-05: This Panel list is current for 2005! Last minute changes may occur. Please check the printed schedule you will get at the convention. There is a new map of the hotel floorplan at the bottom of this page. (Hmm, this grid came out a little rough. I'll be tweaking it soon.)

3:00 PM Garrison III First Filk Singing SF & F songs filkers H: Bruns
4:00 PM Galleria B Meet & Greet the Guests Meet the people who'll be on our program this year David, Kaufman, Lowe, all H: staff
5:00 PM Garrison II What's New in SF TV? Find out what to watch and what not to watch Hinman H: Hinman
5:00 PM Garrison III Anime: Male vs. Female Styles Is there a battle of the sexes going on in anime? Find out. Dmuchowski H: Winn
6:00 PM Garrison II LARP set up Prep for LARPERS who'll be playing on Friday night  
6:00 PM Garrison III LARP Survival Guide Learn the Dos & Don'ts of LARPING   H: Aylward
7:00 PM Garrison III After Dinner Filk More singing, more fun   H: Bruns
7:00 PM Regency II&III 3rd Annual Cthulhu Eye Scream Social Come to our annual Friday night social   H: staff
8:00 PM Garrison II Costuming Tips & Tricks Get some info to help you create great costumes   H: Monroe
8:30 PM Regency V-VII Anime Dance Dance to the beat of Asian tunes   H: staff
9:00 PM Garrison II D.C. Black Writers Workshop Writing workshop for fan writers Black H: Black
9:00 PM Garrison III Why Did My Show Get Canceled? Learn what Hollywood doesn't tell you about TV scheduling Hinman H: Hinman
9:00 PM Regency II Movie One Liners Test your knowledge of movie quotes Lung, Wetherill  
10:00 PM Con Suite Ygor Party Traditional Mad Scientist party & ghourmet bheer tasting Carroll, K. Morris  
10:00 PM Garrison III Digital and Photographic Art Find out how computers and photography mix to make artistic images Cornett, Gray, Myers, Taylor H: Caldwell
10:00 PM Regency II "The Sacrifice" Film Team Tells All Find out how this independent film team made their movie Kersey, Rickheit, Snyder H: Fessenden
11:00 PM Garrison II Vogon Prose Fan prose so bad that it's funny Hicks H: Hicks
11:00 PM Garrison III Open Filk Late night singalong for filk fans filkers H: Bruns
11:00 PM Regency II Are There Any New Monsters Left? Can we create new beasties or have all the good ones been taken? Breslauer, Byers, Kaufman, Ludwigsen H: Diaz
11:00 PM Regency V-VII Rocky Horror Picture Show You know and love this time tested interactive film experience.   H: staff
1:00 AM Regency V-VII Late Night Dance     H: staff
10:00 AM Garrison II Starting a LARP Character How to create your first LARP character McCoy H: Aylward
10:00 AM Regency II Making 'Em Laugh Our panel tells how they make us laugh Breslauer, Conrad, David, Jackson, Ludwigsen H: Monroe
10:00 AM Regency III What's the Latest in E-Pub? Find out what's going on in e-publishing from our experts Felts H: Howdershelt
10:00 AM Regency V Symbiosis: Fiction & Fact Writers and scientists explore this often used them in SF. Bolton, Caldwell, Ewing, Finkelstein, K.D. Morris H: MacDougal
10:00 AM Regency VI Lloyd Kaufman's Master Class Learn how to make your own movie from Mr. Troma himself. Kaufman, Mann H: Kaufman
10:00 AM Regency VII Scaring the Bejabbers Out of You Professional scarers tell you how they give you the chills. Brookover, Fogarty, Gouveia, Van Scoyoc H: Roen
11:00 AM Galleria B Autographing   Brookover, McCoy, Talley H: staff
11:00 AM Garrison II Becoming Your LARP Character Find out how to make your LARP character come alive.   H: Aylward
11:00 AM Garrison III Chidren's Workshop Arts, crafts, gaming, writing and costuming for young'uns Hillyard, Hoffmann, K. Warren H: Hoffmann
11:00 AM Regency II So You'd Like to Be a Rennie? Find out about the RenFaire Actor's life & how you can be one too. Fraley, Jett, Karrer, McKinnen H: Sharkey
11:00 AM Regency III Is POD Right for Me Learn the ins & outs of print on demand publishing Antczak, Finkelstein, Jackson, Hatfield, Sommers H: Howdershelt
11:00 AM Regency V Robotech: 20 Years & Going Strong Love Robotech? Come join the nostalgia fest. Dmuchowski, Harms H: Dmuchowski
11:00 AM Regency VII Haunted Houses & Themed Attractions Haunted house and theme park designers tell their secrets. Caldwell, Conrad, Fogarty, Pinsky H: Shippey
12:00 PM Galleria B Autographing   Breslauer, Schuster, Zahn H: staff
12:00 PM Garrison II Writers' Q&A--Fan Fiction Experienced fan fiction writer Debra Hicks answers your questions. Hicks H: Hicks
12:00 PM Regency III George Lowe One on One Meet George Lowe & maybe Space Ghost too. Lowe H: Lowe
12:00 PM Regency V Robotech Trivia Game Test your memory of Robotech tidbits.   H: Dmuchowski
12:00 PM Regency VI Getting the Science Right: Space Our panel talks about silly space science in literature and film. Diederich, MacDougal, Mitchell H: Caldwell
12:00 PM Regency VII Gaming: A Paradign Shift The effect of many small companies on the business as a whole Fradella, Frey, Zipse H: Winn
1:00 PM Galleria B Autographing   Kaufman, Lowe, Van Scoyoc H: staff
1:00 PM Galleria B Hall Costume Parade Join our costume parade and you might win a medal. Cornett, Smoot H: Morris
1:00 PM Regency II Medieval Combat Workshop Learn how the pros create realistic fights for medieval re-enactments. Brady, Clark, L.Dwyer, T. Dwyer H: Sharkey
1:00 PM Regency III Behind the Scenes Get the scoop on the behind the camera stuff in films & TV. Beaudoin, Breslauer, David, Fett, Semple H: Hinman
1:00 PM Regency V Using Non Human Characters in Fiction How to write convincing alien or animal characters Bolton, Byers, Hatfield, Hogarth, Talley H: Roen
1:00 PM Regency VI Call of Cthulhu Silent film based on Cthulhu mythos    
2:00 PM Galleria B Autographing   Gouveia, Sabin, Hatfield H: staff
2:00 PM Garrison II Building a Story How to put your ideas together to make a story happen Black H: Black
2:00 PM Regency III Artist's Tag Team Sketch-Off See our artists create masterpieces on the spot. Atomic, Caldwell, Conrad, Gray H: May
2:00 PM Regency V Writing SF/F & Horror Poetry Get some help and get ready for our poetry open mic on Sunday Fradella, Ludwigsen, Van Scoyoc, Sommers H: Stanton
2:00 PM Regency VI Trivia Time Calling all trivia masters--this is our big, bad, yearly trivia contest. Bruns, Dryer, Jones, Warren H: Zahn
2:00 PM Regency VII Cthulhu Live Playtest of new Cthulhu LARP   H: MacLaughlin
3:00 PM Galleria B Autographing   Antczak, David, Fradella H: staff
3:00 PM Regency II The True Nature of the Screenplay Screewriters explain just what a screenplay is and isn't. Beaudoin, Danford, David, Logan, Sommers H: Hinman
3:00 PM Regency III Artist's Tag Team Sketch-Off   Hogarth, Morrison, Vincenti H: May
3:00 PM Regency V SF Radio SF radio is alive and well. Meet some of those who make it happen. Breslauer, Diaz, Durica H: Donovan
3:00 PM Regency VII Cthulhu Live     H: MacLaughlin
4:00 PM Garrison II How to Plot a Novel Authors tell you how they organize the tales they tell. Abbey, Antczak, Bolton, Brookover, Schuster H: Roen
4:00 PM Regency II Guests of Honor Q&A Guests of honor are interviewed by panel hosts and the audience David, Kaufman, Lowe H: Donovan/Durica
4:00 PM Regency III Getting the Science Right: Biology Our scientists talk about silly biology in film and literature. Caldwell, Jackson, K. Morris, K.D. Morris, Hogarth H: MacDougal
4:00 PM Regency V Writing for the Young Adult Market Discussion about similarities and differences in young adult & adult lit Byers, Courtney, Sabin H: Stanton
4:00 PM Regency VI National Novel Writing Month   Carpenter, Carpenter H: Bruns
4:00 PM Regency VII Cthulhu Live     H: MacLaughlin
5:00 PM Garrison II Representation of Ghosts in Film Whether or not you believe, ghosts in film are fun & our panel tells why Danford, Ewing, Stark H: Pinsky
5:00 PM Garrison III Afternoon Delight Filk Singing for everyone filkers H: Bruns
5:00 PM Regency II The Art and the Game Art as illustration for gaming products and tie-in fiction McSweeney, Morrison, Zipse H: Winn
5:00 PM Regency III NASA'S Plans for the Future Jeff Mitchell clues you in on what will become of our space program. Mitchell H: Mitchell
5:00 PM Regency V Whose Line Is It Anyway? Come play a surprisingly fun little game with us. Dryer H: Dryer
5:00 PM Regency VI How the Internet Changed Publishing What changes have come about for writers and publishers on the net? Beranek, Hamilton, Holland, Sommers H: Howdershelt
5:00 PM Regency VII Cthulhu Live     H: MacLaughlin
6:00 PM Garrison II LARP set up Prep for Saturday night LARPS    
7:30 PM Regency Ballroom Masquerade Seating Time to get settled in for the masquerade   H: staff
8:00 PM Regency Ballroom Masquerade   Byers, Caldwell, McSweeney, Smoot H: Morris
9:00 PM Garrison II Friends of Harry Potter Lovers of Harry Potter fan fiction discuss the stories, good and bad. LadyChris, Powers  
9:00 PM Garrison III Fantasy Writing Basics:Novel Learn the rules you must follow and the ones you can break. Abbey, Hogarth, Sabin H: Roen
10:00 PM Garrison II Basics for Short Story Writers Tips from short fiction writers on organizing, characterization, etc. Ewing, Felts, Logan H: Sears
10:00 PM Garrison III Open Filk More singing… filkers H: Bruns
10:00 PM Regency II Gay Issues in Science Fiction & Fantasy Discussion of how SF & F deals with gay characters and conflicts. Fessenden, Hatfield H: Dagneau
10:00 PM Regency III SF Name That Tune:Trivia You like trivia? You like music? Then this music trivia game is for you.   H: Harben
10:00 PM Regency V-VII Anime Dance    
11:00 PM Con Suite Vidcon Party Party for fan fiction readers and writers. Hicks H: Hicks
11:00 PM Garrison II Frank Fradella Reading   Fradella H: Fradella
11:00 PM Garrison III Open Filk     H: Bruns
11:00 PM Regency II If My Life Were a Movie… Our panel gets to do a little daydreaming… Antczak, Breslauer, David, Kaufman, Van Scoyoc H: Roen
11:00 PM Regency III Anime vs. American Animation Is anime better than American cartoons. Our panel battles it out. McSweeney, Vincenti H: Dmuchowski
12:00 AM Garrison III Open Filk     H: Bruns
12:00 AM Regency II Scary Stuff/The Nature of Horror What makes something truly scary? Antczak, Conrad, Ludwigsen, Van Scoyoc H: Diaz
12:00 AM Regency III Animated Sound Patterns (music event) Even we don't know what this will be yet. Dmuchowski  
12:00 AM Regency V-VII Pirates of the Caribbean Just like the Rocky Horror Interactive but with more pirates    
2:30 AM Regency V-VII Pirate Dance     H: staff
10:00 AM Garrison II Science Fiction Basics: Novel What makes a novel SF rather than fantasy. Find out here. DiPalma, Hatfield, Zahn H: Jaekel
10:00 AM Regency II Art vs Craft: What's the Difference? Artists and crafters discuss what is art and what is a craft. Abbey, Conrad, Roberson, Morrison H: Caldwell
10:00 AM Regency III Rocky Horror Cast Tells All Rocky Horror cast panel   H: Schneider
10:00 AM Regency V The Place of Religion in Science Fiction How religion blends in with SF and how it doesn't Bolton, Finkelstein, Hogarth, Sommers H: Roen
10:00 AM Regency VI How to Finance Your Film   Danford, Fesseden, Kaufman H: Littell
10:00 AM Regency VII What is Your Writing Forte? Panelists talk about how they chose the genres and lengths they use. Green, Hogarth, Sabin, Schuster H: Monroe
11:00 AM Garrison II Battlestar Galactica Redoux Panel for fans of the new Battlestar Galactica show LadyChris, Powers  
11:00 AM Garrison III Building a Story:Part 2     H: Black
11:00 AM Regency II Art Auction   Lung, Wetherill H: Hicks
11:00 AM Regency III An Actor's Life for Me! Actors tell about the trials and joys of an acting life. Beranek, Kaufman, Lowe, Mann H: Hinman
11:00 AM Regency V RPG Worldbuilding 101 How to create a great world for your RPG Green, McCoy, Talley, Winn H: Jackson
11:00 AM Regency VI Superheroes: Beyond Comics Representation of superheroes in film, TV, and literature Breslauer, Byers, David H: Fradella
11:00 AM Regency VII Why Do We Love Anti-Heroes? What makes a rogue so attractive to us? Abbey, Antczak, DiPalma, Hatfield H: Warren
12:00 PM Garrison II Comic Book or Graphic Novel? How is a graphic novel different from comics? Atomic, Beranek, David, Logan H: Littell
12:00 PM Regency III Medieval Combat Workshop   Brady, Clark, L. Dwyer, T. Dwyer H: Sharkey
12:00 PM Regency V Writing Gaming Scenarios How to get into writing gaming scenarios for fun and profit Abbey, MacLaughlin, McCoy, Talley H: Winn
12:00 PM Regency VI Tips for Beginning Writers How to get into the writing business and what to avoid Bolton, Finkelstein, Jackson, Sabin, Van Scoyoc H: Warren
12:00 PM Regency VII Enemy Within Join us for a little improv game. Dryer H: Dryer
1:00 PM Galleria B Autographing   David, Kaufman, Lowe, Van Scoyoc H: staff
1:00 PM Garrison II From Firefly to Serenity Fan discussion of Joss Whedon's TV show and movie. Meredith H: Meredith
1:00 PM Regency II Digital Art vs Traditional Art Are digital and traditional art compatible? Artists take sides. Gray, McSweeney, Morrison, Myers, Vincenti H: Caldwell
1:00 PM Regency V Building a Scene Into a Story Workshop for fan writers conducted by Debra Hicks Hicks H: Hicks
1:00 PM Regency VI SF or Fantasy: What's the Difference? If it has dragons, is it fantasy? If it has space ships, is it SF? Find out. Felts, Finkelstein, Logan, Schuster H: Roen
1:00 PM Regency VII What Does a Film Critic Really Do? What's the difference between a fan and a critic. You'll find out. Hamilton, Holland, Pinsky H: Shippey
2:00 PM Galleria B Autographing   Breslauer, Sabin, Zahn H: staff
2:00 PM Garrison II Fargate Fan discussion on the ex "Farscape" actors now on "Stargate SG-1" Meredith H: Meredith
2:00 PM Regency II Open Mic Poetry Reading Come read your SF & F or horror poetry to a crowd.   H: Stanton
2:00 PM Regency III Science Fiction and Pop Culture How has SF infiltrated American culture? Antczak, Caldwell, Hamilton, Holland H: Pinsky
2:00 PM Regency VI Why I Write… Authors tell why they just have to put fingers to keyboard. Abbey, Finkelstein, Jackson, Van Scoyoc H: Winn
2:00 PM Regency VII First Ammendment Rights & the Arts What is "free speech" and just what rights does it really give us? Bolton, David, Hatfield H: Warren
3:00 PM Regency II One Final Filk Hour Sing those last few songs of the con.    
3:00 PM Regency III AnimeMetro MetroCon hosts give you information on Metrocon 2006. Dmuchowski, Harms  

Here is a map of the hotel floorplan.

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