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Update 10-10-03
You can download and read a PDF version our Program book before you get to the con. Necronomicon 2003 Program Book

10-17-03: The following Schedule IS DONE! This is as close to reality as we can come. Take a look to see what we have planned and who is on the panels.
We offer a wide variety of discussions and workshops with our guests.

1500 Brandon 2 Writing Good Dialog Finkelstein, Bennett, Roen, Sabin, Abbey host: A. Aylward
1500 Brandon 4 Efforts to Recreate Medieval Martial Arts Sharkey, Byers, Carroll host: Caldwell
1500 Suite 445 This is Filk Filk host: Bruns
1600 Brandon 2 Rules for Fan Fic-Fan Hicks, Michele host: Hicks
1600 Salon 1 Meet and Greet our Guests Wilson, Mitchell, Jackson host: May
1600 Salon 3 World Building Byers, Strand, Abbey, Finkelstein host: P. Aylward
1700 Brandon 2 The Fall TV Lineup Michele host: Michele
1700 Salon 1 Basics of Short Story Writing Byers, Shuster, Stone, Hogarth host: J. Green
1700 Suite 445
1900 Ballroom Ice Cream Social/ Flea Market Hicks
2000 Ballroom Golden Vanity Performs Golden Vanity
2000 Brandon 2 Movie One-Liners (trivia) Lung, Wetherill host: Wetherill
2000 Brandon 4 What's New at Steve Jackson Games? Jackson host: Jackson
2100 Ballroom Anime Dance Roy
2100 Brandon 2 Writers Panel - Good Plotting Black, Finkelstein, Hogarth, Abbey host: A. Aylward
2100 Brandon 4 Humor in Art Wilson, Mitchell, Conrad, Mcsweeney host: Caldwell
2100 Suite 445 Reading by Will Ludwigsen Ludwigsen host: Ludwigsen
2200 Brandon 4 Open Filk Filk
2200 Suite 443 Ygor Party Kendall host: Morris/Ygor
2200 Suite 445 Stephen Sobotka Reading Sobotka host: Sobotka
2300 Ballroom Interactive Rocky Horror Rocky Horror Group host: Rhg
2300 Brandon 2 Seven Deadly Cliches Hicks
2300 Suite 445 James Fredrick Reading Fredrick host: Fredrick
2400 Brandon 2 Bad Guys - Why we Love Them Bennett, Stone host: Bennett
100 Ballroom Dance Dance
1000 Brandon 2 SF Sidelines Reynolds, Forgarty, T.Green, Greenberg host: May
1000 Brandon 4 Writing Dark Poetry Detecheverrie, Fradella, Roen host: P. Aylward
1000 Salon 1 Basics of Net Publishing Kinne, Sobotka, Marsh host: Howdershelt
1000 Salon 2 B-Movies and Why We Love Them Holland, Hamilton, Strand, Roen host: Pinsky
1000 Salon 3 State of Anime Kitsune, Hogarth, Animemetro host: Winn
1000 Suite 445 How to Speak Fanfic Fans host: Janet
1100 Brandon 2 Does NASA Have a Future?-Science J. Green, Caldwell, Stone host: Macdougal
1100 Brandon 4 Publish on Demand--the new wave? Liggins, Gouveia, Detecheverrie, Schuster host: Finkelstein
1100 Salon 1 Minorites in the SF Field Goingback, Liggins, Evans host: Hinman
1100 Salon 2 Autographing Wilson, Mitchell, Zahn
1100 Salon 3 What's New in Gaming Jackson, Fradella, Frey, Greenberg, Marsh host: Winn
1100 Suite 445 Stargate Fandom Victoria host: Victoria
1200 Brandon 2 Lynn Abbey Thieve's World Reading Abbey host: Abbey
1200 Brandon 4 Can F & SF Art Compete with Mainstream Art? Kinne, Morrison, Vincenti, Reichwald, Mitchell host: Caldwell
1200 Salon 1 Guilty Pleasures--Schlock Literature We Love Stone, Roen, Macdougal, Pinsky host: Roen
1200 Salon 2 Mini Medical School K Morris host: K. Morris
1200 Salon 3 Room set up for playing with Evil Stevie Jackson, Mibs host: Jackson
1200 Suite 445 Writing Workshop Black host: Black
1300 Brandon 2 Let's Get Silly (Filk) Bruns, Gallagher, Burke host: Bruns
1300 Brandon 4 Writing for Young Readers Goingback, Fontenay, Gallagher, Sabin host: A. Morris
1300 Salon 1 Modern Metaphysics in Fantasy Fogarty, Abbey, Marks, Graves host: May
1300 Salon 2 Art and Music Connection Mitchell, Hogarth, Vincenti, Conrad host: Macdougal
1300 Salon 3 Come Play with Evil Stevie (previews of new games) Jackson, Mibs host: Jackson
1300 Suite 445 Writers Workshop Continues Black host: Black
1400 Brandon 2 Let's Get Silly Filk Continues... Gallagher, Burke host: Bruns
1400 Brandon 4 Piracy, Intellectual Property and Freedom Frey, Stone, Byers, Pinsky host: P. Aylward
1400 Salon 1 Getting into the Field Finklestein, Beaudoin, Kinne, Greenberg host: Cooper
1400 Salon 2 Print to Movies - What Works Wilson, Holland, Hamilton, Strand host: A. Morris
1400 Salon 3 Come Play with Evil Stevie continues Jackson, Mibs host: Jackson
1400 Suite 445 How Have SF Views of the Apocolypse Changed Green, Felts, Zahn, Caldwell host: May
1500 Brandon 2 Superheroes in Comics & Other Fiction Fradella, Byers, Hyman, Fontenay host: Fredrick
1500 Brandon 4 Just How Do you Write a Novel? Goingback, Bennett, Marks, Evans host: P. Aylward
1500 Salon 1 Making Movies in the South Fett, Semple, Holland, Hamilton, Shuster host: T. Green
1500 Salon 2 What Inspires You? Reichwald, Mitchell, Vincenti, Pate, Gill host: A. Aylward
1500 Salon 3 Come Play with Evil Stevie continues Jackson, Mibs host: Jackson
1500 Suite 445 Trivia Contest Jones, Dryer, Warren
1600 Brandon 2 Writing Evil Ones You Love to Hate Hyman, Finklestein, Shuster, Sabin, Abbey host: D. Stubkjaer
1600 Brandon 4 Future of EBooks Howdershelt, Ludwigsen, Liggins, Sobotka host: Macdougal
1600 Salon 1 What Makes a Good Screenplay Wilson, Strand, Fradella host: Black
1600 Salon 2 Modern Tech & Art Pate, Gill, Morrison, Vincenti host: Caldwell
1600 Salon 3 Come Play with Evil Stevie continues Jackson, Mibs host: Jackson
1600 Suite 445 Trivia continues Jones, Warren, Dryer
1700 Brandon 2 Believable Characters Fontenay, J. Green, Evans, Graves, Dipalma host: Littell
1700 Brandon 4 The Future of Print Media Goingback, Howdershelt, Beaudoin host: Fredrick
1700 Salon 1 Wilson & Mitchell Q & A Wilson, Mitchell host: May
1700 Salon 2 Mars Chronicled (PowerPoint Presentation) Macdougal host: Macdougal
1700 Salon 3 Wind up and break down of Evil Stevie's playtime Jackson, Mibs host: Jackson
1700 Suite 445 Shared Worlds Byers, Vincenti, Zahn host: Abbey
1800 Suite 445 You Can Sing Along (Filk) Filkers host: Filkers
1900 Ballroom Masquerade seating Masquerade Staff
2000 Ballroom Masquerade Kitsune, Mitchell, Caldwell, Abbey host: A Morris
2100 Ballroom Anime Dance Animemetro host: Animemetro
2100 Brandon 2 New Fan Fic Fandoms Hicks host: Hicks
2100 Brandon 4 Monty Python Jeopardy Lung, Wetherill host: Lung
2100 Suite 445 Detecheverrie reading Vampire poetry Reading host: Detecheverrie
2200 Brandon 2 Slash Panel-Fan Hicks host: Hicks
2200 Brandon 4 Open FIlking Filking
2200 Suite 445 Shuster reading from I, VAMPIRE Reading host: Shuster
2300 Ballroom Live Bands Bands
2300 Brandon 2 YAOI-Fan Discussion Group--Led By Kitsune, Sobotka host: Kitsune
2300 Brandon 4 Open Filk Filkers host: Filkers
2300 Suite 445 Vidcon Party Hicks host: Hicks
2400 Brandon 2 Erotica in SF/F/Horror-Pro Kitsune, Bennett, Stone, Devito, Detecheverrie
2400 Brandon 4 Open Filk Filkers host: Filkers
2400 Suite 445 Vidcon Party continues Hicks host: Hicks
100 Ballroom Dance Staff
1000 Brandon 2 Smallville Gallagher, Black host: Hinman
1000 Brandon 4 Making a Living at Art Mcsweeny, Morrison, Mitchell, Conrad host: Caldwell
1100 Brandon 2 Religous Parody--Will It Put You in Hell? Pinsky, Devito, Ludwigsen, Fredrick host: P. Aylward
1100 Brandon 4 Humor in Horror Conrad, Wilson, Detecheverrie, T. Green, Strand host: May
1100 Salon 1 Art Auction Lung, Wetherill
1100 Salon 2 Art Pick Up Art Show Staff
1100 Salon 3 Fights in Fiction Byers, Mullin, Sharkey, Abbey, Carroll host: Hillyard
1100 Suite 445 Harry Potter Fandom Fans host: Janet
1200 Brandon 2 ST: Myth and Legends: T or F Hinman, Smoot host: Himman
1200 Brandon 4 Keeping Ahead of Science J Green, Felts, Evans. Zahn host: Caldwell
1200 Salon 3 The Adventurer's Kitchen-How to eat while questing Chef Kym, Aris host: Aris
1200 Suite 445 Writing Workshop Black host: Black
1300 Brandon 2 Ghosthunting - How To Presentation Stark host: Stark
1300 Brandon 4 Autographing Wilson, Mitchell, Zahn
1300 Salon 1 Art Auction Continues Art Show Staff
1300 Suite 445 Writing Workshop Continues Black host: Black
1400 Brandon 2 Dead Dog Filk Filking
1400 Brandon 4 Boob Tube Trivia Contest A. Morris host: A. Morris
1400 Salon 1 Time & Again Combat Troupe Workshop T. Devon Sharkey host: Sharkey
1400 Salon 2 Art Pick Up Continues Art Show Staff host: Lung, Wetherill
1400 Salon 3 What Scares You? Wilson, Devito, Graves, Finklestein host: A. Aylward
1400 Suite 445 Research, Why You Need It Hicks, Dipalma host: Hicks
1500 Brandon 4 Current Military Tech Zahn, Felts, Dipalma host: Caldwell
1500 Salon 1 Combat Workshop Continues T. Devon Sharkey host: Sharkey
1500 Salon 2 Magazine Publishing - Print and Net Hamilton, Holland, Aris, Greenberg, Marsh host: Roen
1600 Salon 1 METROCON Preview Roy, Amy host: Animemetro

This map was for the 2002 Retro-Future theme.
It's correct, just off-theme for 2003.

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